Cadet NCOs

Cadets wishing to be given more responsibilities on the squadron can apply for promotion to become a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). The promotion process is detailed below:

1. Phase I – SNCO Approval
You will be given a form which needs to be completed. The applicant needs to get 3 signatures of approval from SNCO’s or above (going up to adult staff). This form can be collected from your flight commanders directly. In order to get the signatures, SNCO’s will be looking to see if you want to be an NCO, if you are not being just the average cadet, if you are staying behind and helping to clean the squadron etc.

2. Phase II – Application Form

You will be given an application form. You will need to fill in personal experiences, as well as a personal statement and why you think you should be an NCO. This can be collected from the squadron SNCO on handing in the Phase I form completed.

3. Phase III – NCO Exam

On handing in your Phase II application, you will be handed a revision pack and given a date for your exams. Questions will be on the ATC, 241 and the RAF. This again is to be retrieved from the squadron SNCO.

4. Phase IV – NCO Interview

On completing and passing your exam, you will be given an interview date. This will take place with the OC 241 and squadron SNCO.
Once you have completed these 4 phases, you may get promoted depending on if you are wanted by a flight commander.
On promotion, you will then go into…

5. Phase V – Probation

You will go on a 2 to 3 month probation, where you will be watched by your flight commander. You will also be the junior man. Once this period is up, you will be interviewed by your flight commander and squadron SNCO to discuss how you as an NCO are performing. You will then become a full 241 NCO.
For people already in the promotion process who are yet to pass their interviews, talk to your flight commanders as to whether they recommend you go through the new system or not.