Gliding, Shooting and First Aid

Cadets attended 614 Volunteer Gliding School at Weathersfield in Essex to fly in the Viking Glider. Fortunatly the weather held and the following Cadets gained their Gliding Induction Certificate:

Cdt Meola
Cdt Fallow C
Cdt Fallow S

Whilst there the Cadets were assisted by Cdt Goddard, who is on his Gliding Scholarship Course and Cpl Webb who is a Staff Cadet at the School.

Other Cadets were shooting the L98 Rifle at Pirbight on a 25m range and undergoing weapons trg. The following Cadets gained their Region Marksman:

Cdt Cheung
Cdt Foley
Cdt Ashton Griffiths
Cdt Spanyol
Cdt Davies B
Cdt Hinds

There can now go onto attempt the Corps Marksman, the top Marksman qualification.

Meanwhile the CO, Fg Off Harvey and CI Davies where on a two day First Aid refresher course at the National Mountain Trg Centre at Plas Y Brennin in North Wales. It is a requirement that Mountain Leaders renew their First Aid qualification every 3 years.


A big congratulations to CWO Holly Brogden-knight who has been selected by London and South East Region Air Cadets as their top female cadet of the year. She now goes forward to the Corps competition for the best female cadet in the Corps. Well done Holly.

Daniel Goldman came second in the competition and as such wins the Pat Butler spitfire award. Another very good achievement.

McGrath Trophy 2005

On the third anniversary of AWO Norman McGrath BEM passing away, 106 cadets of the Squadron took part in the McGrath Trophy competition at Crowborough on Sunday. Norman gave 51 years unbroken service to the Squadron as adult staff, after 6 years in the Army during the Second World War, including active service in France and Germany.

The competition has been running for five years and is fiercely fought over by the 9 sections of the main Squadron. Led by their Corporal’s the sections train all year to become winners of the coveted trophy. The competition is a test of leadership and military skills and this years winner are:

Drill – 11 Section led by Cpl Troy

Shooting – 3 Section led by Cpl Cross

Steeple Chase – 6 Section led by Cpl Rice

Obstacle Course – 1 Section led by Cdt Lalloo

First Aid – 6 Section led by Cpl Rice

Leadership Skills – 1 Section led by Cpl Burgess

General Service Knowledge – 9 Section led by Cpl Grant

Camouflage and Concealment – 1 Section led by Cdt Lalloo

– 2nd 3 Section Led by Cpl Mike Cross
– 3rd 2 Section Led by Cdt Ali Lalloo


Many Congratulations to the winners but also to everyone who took part. The spirit and effort of the cadets on Sunday was outstanding and showed the true spirit of the Squadron and the Corps. I am sure Norman McGrath would be very proud of his Cadets and his Squadron.

I would like thank all of the SNCOs and Staff who helped run the event and also Dr Davies for judging the first aid competition.

By Sqn Ldr Chris Day, Officer Commanding.

International Air Cadet Exchange

FS Paul Fothergill and FS Kate Channon have both been given the opportunity of a lifetime this summer, both cadets will be taking part in a cadet exchange. Paul will be going to the USA and Kate to Canada.

A Very Social Weekend

The Squadron held its annual dinner and dance at Chigwell Police Club on Friday 11 March. Organsised by CWO Holly Brogden-Knight, a 140 Staff, Cadets, Ex Cadets, and committee members danced the night away after a first rate meal and some very short speeches!

On the Saturday the Committee held it annual Quiz Night at Trinity School and raised £780 towards the minibus fund.

Squadron Restructure

Due to some very senior cadets moving to adult staff the Squadron underwent a restructure following the McGrath Trophy. To be an NCO on the Squadron is a very responsible job and to achieve NCO status cadets must have proved themselves to be of the highest calibre. To achieve the rank of Corporal a cadet must first achieve leading cadet status, they must then complete an application form, pass a written promotion exam and then go through a structured interview by the CO and the Senior Cadet NCO on the Squadron. Only then can they be considered by the Flight Commanders to be promoted into their flights.

The following promotions took place on the presentation parade of the McGrath Trophy on Sunday, in front of over 120 cadets and staff.

HQ Flight

Transferred to Headquarters Flight to take command and become the Senior Cadet NCO on the Squadron CWO Jason Reuben
Promoted to Flight Sergeant Head of Admin FS Michelle Cheah
Promoted to Corporal – Cpl Patrick McGranaghan

One Flight
Promoted to Flight Sergeant as Flight Commander FS Anthony Makins
Promoted to Sergeant as 2 IC Sgt Tom Burgess
Promoted to Corporal as a Section Commander Cpl Caroline Dent

Two Flight

Three Flight
Promoted to Flight Sergeant as Flight Commander FS Laura Molen
Promoted to Sergeant as 2 IC Sgt James Grant
Promoted to Corporal as a section commander Cpl Kirsty Troy

Four Flight
Appointed Year One Head of Training & Development FS Paul Fothergill
Promoted to Flight Sergeant as Flight Commander Tom Henry
Promoted to Sergeant as 2 IC Sgt Kristina Pisano
Promoted to Corporal as Section Commander Cpl Carl Gheho
Appointed acting Section commander Cdt Daniel Smith

Congratulations to all those cadets who have been promoted they are all dedicated cadets who have worked hard for the benefit of Squadron and justly deserve their promotions.

Gliding, Running, NCO Cadre, & Staff Training

On another normal weekend Cadets from 241 were busy over the Country:

3 Cadets (Cdts Spanyol, West and Parker) achieved their Gliding Induction Certificate at 614 VGS at Weathersfield and are now eligable to go foward for their Gliding Scholarship.

4 Cadets (Sgt Goldman, Cpl Rice, Cpl Zealander and Cdt Kennedy) competed in the Corps Cross Country Championship at RAF Cranwell, gaining Region Blues for their efforts.

Junior and Potential NCO’s attended an NCO Cadre Weekend at Crowborough Camp in Sussex. Drill Training by WO Wright and Field Leadership Training by CI Davies were the highlights of a cold weekend!

3 Staff (Plt Off Davies, CI Grant and CWO Reuban) attended a weekend Weapon Instructors Course with the Region Small Arms Training Team and have now qualified as WI’s. This means they are able to instruct cadets to use the weapons in use with the ATC, and increases the number of Staff trained to 5, making it easier to give the cadets the quality training required.

Adult Promotion

CWO Nic Hanson has now been offically promoted to the rank of Adult Sargent and joins the staff team of the Sqn after 7 years as a Cadet. WO Wright already has a few duties lined up for him!

The Pat Butler Memorial Award

FS Daniel Goldman, his parents and the CO attended the presentation of the Pat Butler Award by the Spitfire Society on Saturday. The award is made by the Society to the two cadet selected by the Officers Commanding London & South Eastern Region and Central and East Region Air Cadets. This year FS Goldman was from our Squadron was selected to receive the award.

The ceremony took place at Old Warden Airfield, on arrival FS Goldman was met by the Chairman of the Society, Dennis, who very proudly pointed out the Squadron badge he was wearing on his blazer. By a remarkable coincidence Dennis was a member for 241 Squadron flying Spitfires in Italy and he lives just 20 miles from the Squadron. The CO has invited Dennis to visit the Squadron and meet the cadets and Dennis agreed to bring down several items of Squadron memorabilia.

FS Goldman received a cheque from the Society to help him in his aviation career he also received membership of the Society a great honour indeed. On behalf of the RAF and the Corps, Group Captain Ford, the Regional Commandant for Central East, thanked the Society for the generous awards

Following the presentation Peter Cunningham gave a very interesting talk on his flying career which commenced with him flying Spitfires in North Africa. The day concluded with lunch and allowed time to meet and talk to other members of the Society.

This was an exceptional day on all respects and one that FS Goldman, his family and the CO will never forget. The Squadron looks forward to the evening when it can welcome and host a wartime member of our parent Squadron of whom we have great pride in being associated with.

Flying Success

FS Paul Fothergill has successfully completed his Flying Scholarship at Dundee Airport and gone solo after 10 hours training. His report is below

My Flying scholarship took place in Dundee in Scotland with Tayside Aviation. The course ran over a total of 2 weeks, but unfortunately for me, the weather came in for the first 3 days that I was there, but having ground school to do, we were always busy! If we were not in lessons we were busy learning our Air Law, in preparation for going solo once we completed our training.

When we did get in the air, each sortie that we did was 1 hour long. Straight from the start, your instructor pushes you to do as much as possible with out him intervening. Before I had even taken off on my first sortie, I was made to do all of the Radio calls to the control tower as well as taxiing and all the necessary safety checks. Straight from the start of your flying, you were in charge of that aircraft.

Through the sorties over the two weeks, you were taken through all of the controls of the aircraft, emergency drills, landings, take-offs and stalls. You would then move onto circuits. Once you had this all sorted, which took me 11 hours, you would be allowed to go solo, flying the aircraft in a circuit on your own with no help from the pilot what so ever! The feeling of being totally in control of this very expensive aircraft was certainly scary, but there was the thrill of being able to fly an aircraft, by yourself after only 2 weeks of training! The bit I found hardest was the landing, as this was the time when I was most likely to break the aircraft, but despite it being a bit bumpy, I managed to land safely, coming back to the cheers of the rest of my course!

The course was certainly very good, with good accommodation at the hotel and wicked staff at the flying school, all paid for by the RAF! I recommend this course to absolutely everyone!