09 Shooting Team Season kicks off


On Sunday 15 March the Squadron Shooting Team attended Stoney Castle Range in Surrey to start training for the Inter Service Cadet Rifle Championship held at Bisley in July. In company with cadets from 27F and 1838 Sqns and units from Middlesex Wing the cadets live fired at Targets at 300 and 500 metres range with an aim of getting 7 shots in the centre of the target (scoring a highest possible score of 35), which is not as easy as it may sound!

The older members of the team shoon got into their stride with several scores of over 30 being recorded, and the newer members of the team making a respectable showing. Even better was the weather which was warn and sunny (that wont last!)

The cadets will be competing for a place in the 3 teams we hope to take to Bisley where they will be in competition agains the best shots in the UK from the Sea, Army and Air Cadets for the coverted Cadet 100 Badge. However, practise is vital and the cadets will need to work hard to get to the premier event on the annual shooting calender, needing discipline, skill and teamwork to reach the top of this sport.