1 Flight win the Interflight L98 Shoot (Just!)

Sunday 16 October saw the 3 main Flights of the Sqn provide 2 Teams of 4 cadets each for the annual L98 shooting competition at Ash Ranges. The cadet competed in a number of different practices.

200 Deliberate Shoot – 2A
300 Deliberate Shoot – 1A
Deliberate Aggregrate – 1A
Snap Shoot – 1A
Fire with Movement – 2A
Falling Plate – 1A

Best Team – 1A (Cpl MacGranaghan, Cdt Bustamante, Cdt Charles &Cdt Filer

[b:dijdltrg]Best Flight 1 (51 points)
2 (50 points)
3 (27 points)[/b:dijdltrg]

The Best Shots were
200 – Cdt Bustamante (1 Flt)
300 – Cdt Bustamantee (1 Flt)
Aggregate – Cdt Bustamante (!)
Snap – Cdt Charles (1 Flt)
FwM – Cdt Filer (1 Flt)

Special thanks are also due to the Butt Marking Teams form each flight without whom the competition would not have been a success!

It was also CI Steve Hawes first shoot as the RCO controlling the shoot!

oh and by the way the Sqn also provided a team in the London Service Rifle Shoot on the adjacent range which we won!

well done to

FS Pisano
Cpl Zealander
Cdt Bustamante
Cdt Filer