2007 – CO’s Message

2006 has been a very challenging but successful year. We have, as a team, worked hard and played hard, and proved our success in diverse fields, proving we are not a one shot Sqn!

The Innes Sword and Elworthy Trophy (Military Skills Competitions against the best of London Wing and the 3 Cadet services in London and the South East), Duke of Westminsters Trophy for CWO Fothergill, The Wing Drill competition, The Cross Country competition clean sweep, awards of Flying Scholarships, Gliding Scholarships, Cadet 100s for shooting, accreditation of the NCO Cadre as a BTEC Leadership Course, and Captain of the Region Rugby Team, are just a few of the achievements that the cadets have pulled off!

We have lost two excellent junior officers to the RAF and the Army during the year, but we have several good candidates for commisions in the system.

2007 will continue these challenges, and the Sqn is aiming to send an expedition to the Alps, and working up to our 2008 Challenge for the Lees Trophy. We also aim to take our success further at Region Level, and increase the number of adult staff on the Sqn. All this will be on top of our normal action packed training programme.

I would like to thank the staff and cadet NCOs for all their hard work, comitment and enthusiasm over the last year, and urge the cadets to take advantage of all the opertunities that will be presented to you in the next 12 months

Jerry Godden
Sqn Ldr