241 vs Stealth!

A report by our special correspondant Sgt Cheah

"On Saturday 65 cadets and staff travelled to Thorpe Park for a day of flight bonding and thrilling rides.

The journey to the park was an adventure in itself for some; Sqn Ldr Godden in his minibus trying his best to shake off the navigationally-challenged young ASgt Cheah.

Upon safe arrival tickets were distributed to the excited cadets who were quick to rush off to the biggest and fastest rides. The day had started out hot and sunny, but that did not last long as the heavens opened up for the first time that afternoon, temporarily closing some of the rides, although Sqn Ldr Godden and Sgt Cheah stood their ground in the Stealth Ride queue and were rewarded by an awesome ride! Soon the rain passed and there was a window of sunshine which lasted for a few hours.

However, our day was soon blighted by a park-wide power cut, (caused, some may say, by an overload of CI Hawes on the rides which couldn’t cope??) which led to the entire theme park being evacuated due to health and safety reasons. To compound matters, as we awaited the rest of our party to reassemble amongst the throng of bodies, the gods in the sky thought it would be amusing to provide another comprehensive drenching just before we boarded the MT.

Never mind, we all received complimentary tickets as compensation and had a barbecue to look forward to upon returning to the unit. Despite bringing the abominable weather back to Woodford with us, the cadets were still in high spirits and enjoyed the barbecue.

All in all, I would say it was a successful day. Damp, but successful".

The photo shows the Stealth Ride – 200′ feet high and 0 – 80 mph in 3 seconds………..woooooooooow!