241 win the Wing Aircraft Recognition!

On Wednesday 03 Oct the Sqn Air Rec Team took on other Sqns at this core military skill. The Team were shown 29 slides of aircraft, with a 3 second exposure, and then expected to identify them.

The Sqn had two of the three highest Individual Scores (Sgt Aj Sandhu coming first and Cdt Myles Webb comming third) and the highest staff score (Sqn Ldr Jerry Godden who beat Sgt Sandhus score!).

The Team now goes foward to represent the Wing at the Region Field Day on 14 October.

This means the Sqn is providing a Drill Team, Shooting Team and Air Rec Team for this prestidgeous event.

The photo shows, from left to right: IFS Mike Cross (Reserve), Cdt Myles Webb, Cpl Will Brown (Team Captain), Sgt Aj Sandhu and Cpl Claire Hayes (Reserve)