241 Wins the Lees Trophy!




After 18 years of hard work by the cadets, committee and staff of the Sqn (for it was in 1990 the goal was set of winning the Lees Trophy) the OC, Sqn Ldr Jerry Godden received a phone call on Monday afternoon from Gp Cpt Hakin, OC London and South East Region who stated to him “I am now talking to the Officer Commanding the Best Squadron in the Air Training Corps! Congratulations your Squadron has won the Lees Trophy!” The OC 241 responded with an eloquent “Blimey!”

So now, officially, the Squadron motto of “One of many, second to none” cannot be challenged!

The OC stated “This was a team effort in which every cadet, from those with a couple of weeks service to seven years have played their part and worked like trojans to achieve this major milestone in the Squadrons history.

It is also a reflection of the sheer hard work, dedication and commitment to the spirt of the Squadron of the current and past staff of the Squadron and the Civilian Committee. It is also right to acknowledge the teamwork of the wider Wing and indeed Corps who have played their part in our success. For this was a TEAM effort and a reflection of the Squadron working together. I am incredibly proud to have had the honour to have commanded the Sqn during this time and all the hard work that all ranks put in was worth it when I announced the news to the cadets who burst into spontaneous cheering.

I also know the effort the other Squadrons will have put into this competition (especially as one of our ex staff is a member of a competitor Squadron!) and I know from experience what it is like not to win this competition, but I can say that everytime I read their websites I thought “how are we going to beat them they are good”. Good luck to them in the future.

We now look foward to the future, for one thing the Sqn will not do is rest on its laurels!”

The Trophy will be presented in the Autumn, and it is hoped many ex cadets will be present to celebrate the success of the Squadron.