241s Second Junior Leader

Instructor Sergeant Robert Fothergill has just graduated from No 9 Junior Leaders Course, just after his 18 birthday. He is the second cadet from 241 Sqn to have every completed this course, and has been awarded the coverted QFL Shoulder Flash and purple lanyard.

The course, which is in its 9th year, is the premier Air Cadet Organisation Leadership Course. It is spread over 8 weekends and a weeks assessment over the autumn and winter months at some of England’s most bleak military bases, and is designed to challenge the candidate both mentally and physically and to enable them to achieve things they would not have though possible. Graduates of the course also achieved a Level 2 Qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Robert said "I can’t emphasise how good this course is! Blank rifles, leadership, command tasks, field training, 6 day field exercise (bloomin wicked) etc etc.The other requirement is that you are availiable for all the weekends, you need some harcore commitment to do this course!"

The photo shows Rob with his new shoulder flash