3 Junior Leaders

Three cadets from the Squadron have just passed the Junior Leaders Course, the hardest and longest course in the ATC. Staring from selection in September where 90 cadets were selected from 120 application to 54 passing on Test Week in April, the cadets have been stretched to their physical and mental limits during weekends and weeks of practical leadership exercises in field conditions in rain, snow and sun, with a minimum of sleep. The course is designed to turn young people into the leaders of the future and also attracts the award of a Level 2 qualification in Management as well as the coverted DZ flash and lanyard. FS Alex Dutch, FS Rhyse Reeves-Roberts and Sgt Matt McCormack are the 3, 4,and 5 graduates of the course that the Sqn has achieved over the last few years, and FS Reeves-Roberts won the award for the best Section lead, no mean achievement. FS Dutch said ” this was the hardest thing I have doen in my life, but the most worthwhile. I have gained so much from the course included good friends”. The OC , Sqn Ldr Godden said “These three cadets can be rightly proud of passing the premier course in the Cadet forces, and it is a tribute to their resilience that they have made their mark!” The photos show scenes from the winter training, final week tests and graduation ball. Selection for No 12 course is in September and any cadets interested should speak to FS Dutch for more info.