5 Section win the McGrath Trophy

Cpl Gideon Goldsmith led 5 Section to victory at the Annual McGrath Trophy competition at Crowborough Training Camp on Sunday 26 April 2012. The McGrath Trophy is named after Sqn Warrant Officer Norman McGrath, a veteran of World War Two who served on the Sqn for over 50 years. The competition, which is the Premier Military Skills Event that is run by the Sqn, sees the Sqn’s 2 main Flights 8 Sections compete with each other in Drill, Shooting, Command Tasks, First Aid, Orienteering, Observation and General Service Knowledge, as well as having the opportunity to use the Camp Obstacle Course. Over 80 Staff and Cadets attended the competition, which was held in the worst weather we have experienced for the event over the last 11 years, with the torrential rain only easing up in the afternoon of the event, ensuring that most people got very wet indeed! The photos show the winning section, the command task and the obstacle course.