A Busy Weekend

Cadets from the Sqn have attended a variety of event over the last weekend:

25 Cadets from No 3 Flight attendend an adventure training weekend in North Wales, mountaineering and mountain biking, as well has having the opertunity to bond as a Flight. Each of the 3 main Flights on the Sqn has an allocated weekend each year where the Flight is able to deploy to a wild country area to carry out challenging adventure trg activities.

10 Cadets attended a Sponsored Walk at Greenwich Park for Juvenile Diabeties, acting as Marshalls for the walkers, providing half the Wing personel for the event.

3 Cadets attended Weathersfield Airfield in Essex to glide with 614 VGS. All three completed their Gliding Induction Course, and will be eligable to attempt their Gliding Scholarship Course when 16. Congratulations to Cdts Dawson, Hillis and Chavener.

Several Cadets attended Wing Sports Training at Mile End Stadium.

In addition CI David Grant attended a Electonic Target Range Officers Course at Pirbright over the weekend with the London and South East Small Arms Training Team, and is now qualified to run this type of range. This is a good example of the effort that the Sqn Staff put into gaining quailifications to benefit the cadets training.

The photo shows some of the equipment that Dave had to master!