A Wet Crowborough!

The Sqn deployed 70 Cadets and Staff to Crowborough Training Camp in Sussex over the weekend on 28 – 30 March to carry out a wide variety of practical training.

Cadets of 56 and 57 Recruit Flight carried out basic training including Obstacles Courses, Drill, Leadership training and a Night Navigation Exercise with all of the cadets passing the course and being awarded their coverted Black Witch Flash

Other cadets deployed to Pippingford Park Training Area, three miles from the Camp to carry out Fieldcraft Training under the auspices of ACP16 in a challenging and robust environment with several phases of training to cater for various experience levels.

The weather was very unkind with torrential rain on Friday and Saturday nights, which brought home the need for good personal adminisration skills! Still the Sun shone as we left the camp!

The photo shows recruits during a leadership exercise