A Wet Shoot

On Sunday 13 May the Shooting Team attended Stoney Castle Range to fire the last shoot before submitting scores to HQ Air Cadets for selection of Teams for Bisley in July.

A little drizzle soon degenerated into a downpour which left all a little damp! However some good scores where recorded in spite of the wet, including Ben Filers 64 out of 70 at 300 & 500 yards.

The photo shows some of the team moving weapons onto the 500 yard point attempting to keep the weather off of the rifles!

In addition CI Dave Grant and Steve Hawes were assessed by WO Mark Howard from the Regional Small Arms Team on their suitability to be Range Conducting Officers on the L81 rifle, and I am please to say both passed and can now take practises, giving the OC, Sqn Ldr Godden the chance to do some coaching in the future rather than always running the range!

Meanwhile the Sqn athletics team swung into action in the Wing Athletics Championship, for which a separate report will be forthcomming when the results are known! (Rain stopped play!)

On Saturday 15 Cadets also went flying in the Tutor Aerobatic Aircraft in spite of the dodgy weather prevelent on this weekend.