Aerospace Challenge

Cpl Chris Raj has recently taken part in the Royal Aeronautical Society’s  Aero Challenge competition at RAeS HQ in Hamilton Place, London as part of a 4 cadet team from London Wing. The competition was arranged by Greg McKay who is the Air Cadet Liasion Officer in the organisation. Greg is a former cadet and a current Civilian Instructor with the ATC and is also a commercial pilot. The event comprised of an aerospace quiz in a University Challenge format, and a design and build challenge for the team.

One of the tasks involved making an aircraft with limited amount equipment and then was tested; the aircraft that stayed in the air for longest won. London wing aircadets were up against students from well known universitys such as The University of Liverpool; despite this, in the three round quiz, london wing managed to come 10th out of 16 teams, beating five universitys as well as Middlesex wing. Cpl Raj said “The day in conclusion was an intense test of inventivness, aerospace knowledge and team working skills which we London Wing Cadets successfully demonsrated. Although pitted against people attending top universities and doing degrees in Aerospace we managed to beat a lot of them! I personally feel the day opened my eyes to the incriticies of Aerospace and all the different things it consists of other than planes!”