Another Junior Leader?

Over the weekend of 07 – 19 Sep Sgt Rob Fothergill attended selection for the 2007 – 08 Air Cadet Junior Leaders Course at Thetford Trg Area.

The course is a leadership course run over 10 weekends and weeks between September and April and is designed to teach the candidates both the theory and practical of leadership in a military environment. This is one of the longest and hardest courses a cadet can attmept in the ATC, and with only around 50 places per year for 30,000 Air Cadets, competition to be selected for the course is fierce.

Sgt Fothergill was selected to attended the course, and will now be working harder than he though he could over the duration of the course!

This is a big honour for him, and an indication of his potential for Leadership. He is following in the footsteps of FS Anthony Makins who passed the course last year, the first candidate from 241 Sqn to do so.