AOC Visits 241 Sqn

On Monday 13 Jun 05 the profesionnal Head of the Air Cadet Organisation (45,000 Cadets and 10,000 staff) Air Commodore Chitty (the Air Officer Commanding) visited 241 Squadron to see what we do.

In spite of it being the middle of the exam period over 110 Cadets were on parade watched by the Sqn Staff. Cdt Sgt James Grant (17) was the ADC (Aide de Camp – the AOC’s guide and assistant) for the evening and showed him around the Sqn where he was shown examples of the activities that the Cadets participate in. The tour had no Adult Staff input as it was run by the Cadets. On the Final Parade the AOC addressed the Sqn and was subject to a question and answer session about various RAF and ATC topics, with a few of the questions from the Cadets almost (but not quite) stumping him!

At the end of the parade Cdt Sgt Matt Gilford was awarded his BTEC in Public Services and Cdt Cpl Mike Cross was promoted to Cdt Sgt. The Wing Commander of London Wing, Silvia Silver made a presentation to the AOC on behalf of the Wing for the help he has given during his tour of command.