Araan goes solo!

Cdt Araan Mohanadass reports on his recent Flying Scholarship “The Air Cadets offer a wide variety of activates and one of these activities is the elusive Air cadet pilot scheme. This course entitles the selected an air cadet to have 12 hours of flight training on the Grob G115D2 Heron (civilian version of the Tutor) with the aim of going solo by the end of it. On the 24th I travelled to Dundee, Scotland from where this course is based. Arriving there I met my fellow course mates I would be living with for the next 2 weeks in the Hilton hotel.  Flying began the next morning at an early 7:00am. Sadly the notorious Scottish weather prevented flying, and the completion of the course before us. For the rest of the day we went to the the local swimming pool which had a wave machine and 3 large water chutes. The next day the weather cleared up and the flying began, the first couple hours went over the basics of flight which all of us passed with ease. In the First week alone we had already achieved 8hrs in which most of us were ready for our solos; however the weathered turned on us with high winds and low clouds, this prevented most from solos but allowed us to practice circuits with our instructors. While days we were not flying we would explore Dundee or stay at the hotel going to the gym and spa. However majority of our time would be used for revision for an air law exam which we needed to pass to go solo. During our stay we had our chance to celebrate Halloween and in good spirit we dressed up in our makeshift Halloween costumes for a day of flying and spooking the instructors .By Friday the weather cleared up and everyone raced to fit in there solos in the good weather. After one and a half hours that day doing circuit and touch and goes with the head instructor I landed, while taxing back he said stopped the aircraft by the runway and got out and said I was going solo! I was totally surprised. After completing check I received clearance from the tower for takeoff.  I took off into the sunny valley of the river Tay from which I had a smooth flight and one of the best landings I had done over the two weeks. My entire course also went solo which was an extra highlight as everybody deserved to. I would say this is the best course the air cadet’s offer and would definitely advise anyone to apply to this course.”