Band Camp 2007

Music Camp 2007

Sgt Caroline Dent has just returned from the Air Cadet Music Camp Week and is the only cadet on the Sqn to be authorised to wear the Instrumentalists Badge on her Brassard. Her report is below!

It wasnt what I expected; but was amazing!

3 Hours sitting on a train, arrving at RAF Cranwell; not knowing anyone i signed in and unpacked. Started talking to people, they were in the same situation as me, alone, so we all made friends quite quickly.
Straight into uniform for group and individual photos, and then did some drill.

Second day, waking up nice and early started off with a Fam Ex (familiarisation exercise) and then did some drill and first aid before playing some music.

The aim of the camp was to learn and perform lots of pieces of music to a very high standard with members of the RAF Regiment Band, and to perform in a concert at the National Concert Band on the Friday evening. We had a week to do this in, so it was hard work from then on.
Playing together at the start, sight reading new music was quite difficult but once we got into it; it went much smoother.

During the week we practised from 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm and 6-9pm so it was a tiring day for all and we worked tirelessly throuhghout the week. Having sectionals with our own instruments (Me playing the flute) we got to play our parts in much more detail as to perfect them for the concert.

Middle of the week it was time for a break. Getting to have a look round the Hawks of the Red Arrows, talking to the pilots and seeing an awesome display of them was a treat. We also took part in some drill; preparing for the drill competition on the last day, command tasks and first aid training.

On the Wednesday Night we had a Dining in night, where all the girls were in Frocks and boys in Bow Ties for a posh meal where we met Group Captain M Cross, and other staff from the ACO.

By the Friday everyone was shattered, had been playing for hours all week and were all excited about the concert in the evening. Many people including Air Commadore Gordon Moulds were sitting in the audience watching us perform. The evening went really well.. and i had to sing with a group of 3 other girls as backing singers to ‘Dont Stop Me Now- Queen’. The after party was fun, although the food was green.. and tasted rather wierd.. !

It was a great week and recommended to ANYONE who enjoys playing music; meeting so many people from all over the UK was great.