Battle of Britain Competition

The Sqn has just recieved the result of the Annual .22 shooting competition for the ATC. Sqns put foward a team of 4 cadets who fire 10 rounds each at a 10 Bull Target, with a highest possible score of 100 each.

While the Sqn has entered this competition every year since the late 1980’s we have never progressed to the second round – until now. The team came 18th out of a 1000 Sqns eligable to enter with a score of 342 out of 400. It should be noted that due to Sqns entering multiple teams the Sqn actually came 10th in terms of Sqns!

The team now qualify to shoot the second round to decide who will shoot in the final of 4 teams.

Congratulations to the Team:

FS Kris Pisano
Sgt Dave Zealander
Cdt Rudi Bustamantee
Cdt Ben Filer

onto the next round!