Best Bisley Ever!


Three Teams from the Sqn were selected to attend the Inter Service Cadet Rifle Meet from 09-12 Jul at the national Shooting Centre at Bisley. This is the most prestigious shooting event of the cadet calendar and saw 124 Teams from the Sea, Army and Air Cadets competing for the Cadet 100 Award and other trophies. In addition there were teams present from the Canadian Cadet Forces.

The Cadet 100 is awarded to the top 100 shots of the competition, out of the around 500 cadets firing in the event. The L81 7.62 Target Rifle is used at ranges of 300, 500 and 600 yards, and the cadets also shot in the Bisley V Competition at 900 and 1000 yards.

This year, we had three cadets qualify for the Cadet 100 (IFS Reeves-Roberts, Sgt Dutch and Sgt Ischt) and IFS Rhys Reeves-Roberts was again selected to shoot for the Corps Team in the Somerset Cup on Sunday, only the fourth time a cadet from 241 Sqn has been so honoured, and he was awarded a Corps Blue as well as his 100 Badge. CI Dave Grant coached Rhys in the Corps Competition, further entrenching his position as a force to be reckoned with amongst Coaches in the Corps. Rhys also came second in the Patriotic Shield at 500m, with a score of 35.04 out of 35.07, being pipped by an Army Cadet who fired 35.05, and was awarded a Silver Medal, another first for the Sqn.

Special mention should also be made of Cdt Sophia Plent, who on her first trip to Bisley came second in the V Competition gaining a Silver Medal, a superb effort at the very long distances shoot for a novice.

The photos shows Sophia with her medal on 1000m point, Rhys having his trigger weighed after his score of 35.04 and all three Cadet 100 winners with Dave on the Century Range firing point with the Cadet 100 Badges