Bronze Expedition



On the Weekend of the 13 – 14 June, cadets deployed to Harlow to particiapate in their Bronze Duke of Edinburghs Award Expedtion, covering 16 miles in two days, carrying all their equipments and tents, camping overnight, and cooking for themselves. In spite of the threat of bad weather on the Sunday the rain only fell during the night and the Sunday was a glourious warm and sunny day (although Cdt Lyons found out that suncream is a good idea on the Saturday!).

Preperation consists of a 12 week course is run at the Sqn and course consists of taking beginners and train them to be able to walk, navigate, and live in the countryside. The culmination of the course is a two day expedition without Staff assistance. However, the expedition isnt passed until a report is presented to the Sqn Assessor Staff, the deadline for which is Monday 22 June!

The expedition is part of the 4 threads that make up the award, and some cadets will now be eligable for the award of their Bronze Badge, others will be awaiting their service and skill over the winter months

Cdt Benjafield said “it was fun weekend and very helpful with progressing our skills”. The photos show CI Steve Hawes carrying out the final brief, cadets near Copped Hall in Epping and a tent going up on the camp site.