Cadets get Airborne


Over 45 cadets from the Squadron have had the chance to fly in the Grob Tutor trainer in flying slots at RAF Benson and Wyton over the last three Wednesdays. After the first two slots of 09 had been cancelled due to the fickelty of the English weather the Sqn had some catching up to do to ensure that all cadets have the opportunity to fly on a regular basis.

However, the God of weather was kind and all three slots where able to fly all the cadets, giving some their first chance to fly and take control of an airctaft for the first time, and for other to develop their skills in controlling the aircraft and experiencing the thrill of aerobatics.

Cpl Alex Dutch said “It was brilliant and every time I fly with the RAF it convinces me that flying is for me as a career”

The next flying slot is at the end of May and is open to all enrolled cadets who have passed Phase I recruit training.