Cadets get to grips with new Rifle

Cadets and Staff had the opportunity to live fire the new L98A2 Cadet 5.56mm rifle on Sunday 16 August at Pirbright Ranges. Following conversion training of those personel who where familiar with the L98A1 version the firers where able to get used to a rifle which did not need recocking after every shot, which allowed the groups to be fired without disturbing the position after each shot, and to increase the rate of fire. At the end of the day, although cleaning took longer due to the need to remove carbon fouling from the gas operated parts, it was realised that 2000 rounds had been fired without a single jam. CI Dave Grant said “the rifle is superb and a step up from the A1 version. This will make our shoots flow a lot better and increase the cadets marksmanship skills”. The photos show the rifle in action, cleaning at the end of the shoot and Cdts Fox and Plent contemplating the accuracy of the rifle.