Cadets go Airborne

Four Cadets from 241 (Wanstead & Woodford) Squadron recently completed a week long Gliding Scholarship Courses at Weathersfield Airfield in rural Essex. The course introduced the Cadets to the Viking winch launched Glider and taught them to fly the aircraft to a high standard. Sgt Sarah Foley was fortunate to go solo and was in control of a £30,000 Glider before she could drive or vote, and all of the cadets where successful in gaining their “Wings”, as a visible mark of their achievements.

But that wasn’t all. IFS Tom Burgess has also just completed a Mircolight Flying Scholarship at RAF Halton, where in two weeks he was taught to fly and went solo gaining his prestigious Flying Scholarship “Wings”. He stated, “This was a great course and one of the highlights of my cadet career. It was brilliant to go solo and fly an aircraft that was so manoeuvrable and responsive as the Mircolight. I would recommend this course to everyone!”

The photo shows the five cadets with their Wings, L – R Cpl Jack Chavener, Sgt Kirsty Troy, IFS Tom Burgess, Sgt Sarah Foley and Cpl Will Browne.