Cadets go forward

Over the last few weeks Cadets and Ex Cadets have been busy. Luke Benjafield has been promoted to the senior cadet rank of Cadet Warrant Officer after being recommended by the Sqn Commander and endoresed by the Wing Commander. He joins a select band of CWOs who have served on the Sqn and who have been instrumental in the success of the Squadron and its cadets, and who have gone onto great things in adult service. As the OC’s right hand man he is a link between the cadets and staff, and his proven track record of hard work and dedication made his promotion well deserved. Cpl Lucy Russell-White and Cdt Tim Robson have just been awarded the Sqns first bandsmen badges for three years as a result of their membership of the London Wing Band, and are looking forward to participation in the Lord Mayors Show in November. Their achievement is more memorable aa they both play brass instruments which are the most difficult of the instruments. Lastly, ex Cdt Sgt Matt McCorrmack is halfway through his Infantry training at Catterick having passed his Basic Army Training as a member of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment (PWRR), and the Sqn wishes him well in his new proffession.