Cadets go Gliding

6 Cadets have attended Weathersfield Airfield in the last 2 months to partake in Gliding Induction courses with 614 Volunteer Gliding Squadron, flying the Viking Glider.

The cadets all got a number of “launches” (the Glider being launched into the air by a mile and a half long cable attached to a powerful winch, attaining a altitude on around 1500 feet above the runway) and where all able to take control of the glider in flight and experience the fundementals of controlling the aircaft.

Cpl Thompson and Cadets Brown, Dutney, Hodson, Shaw and Bliss all passed their GIC 2 or 3 syllabus and can now go foward to a Gliding Scholarship when 16.

However, they were not the only members of 241 Sqn there as CI Ben Filer and ICpl Myles Webb belong to 614 as a secondary duty, and are learning to be fully fledged Glider Pilots who will be able to teach other cadets to fly.