Cadets go Global!

Cdt Flight Sargents Rhys Reeves-Roberts and William Brown where recently selected to take part in IACE – International Air Cadet Exchange.

The International Air Cadet Exchange is an annual student exchange program designed to promote character, good-will, and cooperation among the world’s civilian auxiliary aviation programs. Participants come from organizations such as the Air Training Corps, Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets,United States Civil Air Patrol, Turkish Aeronautical Association, Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps, Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Singapore National Cadet Corps, along with sixteen other equivalent groups in other nations. Cadets spend approximately two weeks every summer with their foreign counterparts. The first exchange occurred in 1947, between the United Kingdom and Canada.

During the exchange, cadets are provided housing by volunteer families and on military installations in their host nation. Scheduled activities vary depending on the host nation, but often include tours of famous landmarks and cultural institutions, tours of local aviation facilities or factories, lectures with local aviation figures and visits to military units. Financially, each nation is responsible for its own cadets, and often comes from governments, civilian aviation enthusiasts, or aerospace industry.

According to its mission statement, the Exchange exists to promote more than a love of aviation. Character development is equally important. Cadets develop a better perspective on the challenges other countries face. The friendships they make through the Exchange help the world combat hatred and intolerance. Through the Exchange, cadets grow to understand and appreciate the roles different nations play in aerospace, as well as build international understanding, goodwill, and friendship among young people who have a common interest in aviation.

FS Reeves-Roberts went to Canada and FS Brown to Isreal. FS Reeves-Roberts said:

“This was definitely the best thing the ATC has to offer. We saw a lot of Candian hertiage and culture and had a lot of aviation visits, including the latest C17 transport aircraft, We also we went white water rafting, which was fantastic, the rapids were amazing, and you would be lucky to stay in the raft.

The Theme Park was a close second. The rides were just amazing. Bigger and faster than we have!

The host families are incredible mine was were fantastic and I have been invited back om 2009. However I was suprised on’t to put on weight. The food is fantastic and you are always being fed!

I would recommend it to any cadet. The other people are great and I am still speaking to people from Singapore!”

The photo shows Rhys and another Cadet at Canadian Forces Base St Hubert in front of a Kiowa Helicopter