Cadets hit the Target

Cadets joined their collegues from 6F (Romford) and 1838 (Elm Park) Squadrons at Pirbright Ranges on Sunday 22 Feb to live fire the L98 5.56mm rifle on the Electronic Target Range at distances of up to 200 metres. THE ETR enables the grouping that a cadet fires to be plotted on a computer screen so that the mean Point of Impact (i.e. where the average centre of the group is) can be worked out and the rifle zerod to the cadet.

Marksmanship practises where the order of the day with a number of cadets achieving various levels of awards:

Cpl McCormack – Corps Marksman

Cdts Babla and Brown – Region Marksman

Cpl Dutch J, Cdts Golemi, Mandalia, Bliss and Kwakye

The Range Conducting Officer, Sqn Ldr Godden commented that “shooting is a competative sport which many cadet enjoy, and is carried out in a disciplined and safe environment after comprehensive training in both safety and the particular rifle being used. It is good to see so many cadets qualify for their markmen which speaks volumes for the quality of coaching provided”


The photos show CI Dave Grant explaining the finer points of the 4 Principles of Marksmanship and views of the range in operation