Cadets hit the Target

Cadets from the Squadron carried out marksmanship training on the L98 5.56mm rifle at Ash Ranges on Sunday 18 May, together with cadets from 6F (Romford) and 1838 (Elm Park ) Squadrons. Firing at up to distances of 200 yards the more junior cadets made strides with their rifle handling and marksman skills (even IFS Caroline Dent, not the best shot in the Sqn, achieving a 8" group at one stage!) and were able to use the Falling Plate Targets in the afternoon.

These are small metal plates in rows of 10 which will fall when hit in the correct spot. When firing as a Team from 200 yards this is not easy and brings home the importance of correctly zeroing the rifles to the firer.

As a bonus it did not rain and at several stages was hot and sunny!

The photo shows the cadets undergoing marksmanship practises in the morning with CI Dave Grant acting as Range Officer.