Cadets honour SOE

Cadet and Sgt Dan Goldman joined with Cadets from all 3 services, Veterans and the Duke of Wellington for the unveiling of a memorial to the members of the Special Operations Executive (SoE) near Lambeth Palace on Sunday 04 October.

The bust of heroine Violette Szabo was officially unveiled on London’s South Bank to commemorate all those who served in the during World War II. Winston Churchill (the Squadrons First President) created the SOE in 1940 to conduct espionage and sabotage behind enemy lines. Daughter of a French mother and English father, Violette grew up in Brixton, South London. But when her husband was killed fighting in North Africa, she volunteered for under-cover operations in France. The first mission was a complete success, organising resistance and sending back intelligence from behind enemy lines. But when she returned again, shortly after D-day, Szabo was captured by the Germans, tortured and killed

The Sqn OC stated that “this is an important event for the Squadron to be associated with as the Cadets are a tangible link between the future and the sacrifces of past generations”

The photo show the Bust of Vilette Szabo. A video can also be seen here