Cadets march out!

Ever year Cadets from around the country take part in the 4 Day Nijmegen March in Holland, covering 25 miles a day as a formed unit.

Cpl Bianca Nicklen has taken part in a weekend training session with London Wing to prepare for this physical and mental challenge. Here is her report:

"241 has never done this before or even attempted it, so i thought i would take up the challenge.

The Nijmagen march it self takes place in Mid-July and covers 100 miles over 4 days! To get everyone up to those standards of fitness, training weekends are held leading up to the March.
The first one was last weekend. We collected everyone from London wing from various pick up spots, and drove down to St Martins Plain, Folkstone. We arrived quite late, so it was a quick brief, and off to bed, ready for the 30 km walk we had waiting for us the next day.

Our walk started at 8:15, where we walked all around folkstone, including the town centre, along the very windy coast, and up some quite steep hills. to help us along our way we had many songs to sing along to, lead by 4F’s WO Jebb. We were provided with lunch, which was given the nickname ‘Slop’ and I soon realised why, i was surrounded by people that loved it, but i don’t think i was hungry enough to enjoy the slop that much!

Once we arrived back at the base, it was a desperately needed shower followed by checks to make sure everyone was ok, injury and blister free for the next day.

Sunday, brought on more walking, this was a just 6 or so miles so wasn’t to hard. We walked down to the coast, where we joined with Surrey wing to walk back to the camp. On the way back to the camp we were greeted with a very steep hill. Where many people started to struggle, but i think it may of been all the hearttattack hills that made the hill seem a little bit easier to complete. So i helped a limping girl from surrey to complete it. Once the hill was over, it was the home straight back to camp.
Where we had lunch and got ready for our journey home.

The weekend gave me a glimpse of what i have let myself in for. AWO Mundy told me it wasn’t for everyone, and i can definitely see why. Nijmagen is definitely going to be a challenge, i never plain simple walking could hurt so much. But, none the less, still a challenge i want to complete.

Bianca Nicklen"

The photo shows what happens if on doesnt carry out the training to prepare your feet!