Cadets meet Prince Charles


CWO Ajvir Sandhu, Sgt Alex Dutch and Sgt Adam Sinclair recently had the privilege of meeting The Prince of Wales whilst representing the Air Training Corps at the launch of the Project YOU (Youth Organisations in Uniform).

Reproduced below is part of the Press Release from the Prince. “The Prince has thrown his support behind a new youth partnership body based in the capital called “YOU London”. Some of the country’s best known organisations for youngsters – from the Scout Association to St John Ambulance – have joined the project to share resources and attract more adult volunteers. The initiative is also supported by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Conservative leader David Cameron. Writing in the Daily Mirror, The Prince said that the youth organisations had come together for pressing reasons. He said: “This new project means they can work more closely together, reach out to more young people and recruit more adult volunteers – perhaps even expand to encompass other organisations to provide yet more volunteering options including conservation work and the emergency services. “But London alone is not enough. My hope is that before too long, we can replicate this project on a national scale so that every young person in the United Kingdom has the opportunity of joining a youth organisation.”

During a visit to London’s Docklands The Prince and The Duchess of Cornwall saw around 90 young people from all the partners of YOU London taking part in a range of water-based activities and The Prince and The Duchess watched youngsters sailing, kayaking and boating, while others on land rock-climbed up an artificial wall. In the shadow of the Canary Wharf skyscrapers, Alex Dutch, an A level student from Wanstead, East London, took a break from kayaking in the dock to speak to The Prince. Miss Dutch, 18, from the Air Training Corps’ 241 (Wanstead & Woodford) Squadron said after the chat: “He seemed genuinely interested in what we were doing today. He said there are not enough instructors, we need more instructors in London.” Speaking in support of the new initiative, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: “I hope that today’s celebrations highlight the power of youth organisations to transform lives and inspire more urgently needed adult volunteers to come forward and be a part of this change.”

The photos shows London Wing cadets at the event, including the 3 from 241, and the Prince talking to Alex Dutch (the blonde one in the canoe!)