Cadets on Target

Cadets from the Squadron have been honing their marksmanship skills during January on the DCCT (Dismounted Close Combat Trainer) Range at RAF Northolt and then on Pirbright Ranges on a live fire practise. The DCCT is an electronic range which enables users to practise their rifle handling skills and marksmanship in the warm and dry using rifles on an electronic system with the targets appearing on screens a few metres away although they “appear” at various distances and weather conditions. The computer also can show how the firer has been holding and firing the rifle to allow the correction of faults. This shoot was organised by FS Dan Goldman who recently completed his DCCT operators course and was run with cadets from 12F and 444 Squadrons. Cadets then had the opportunity to attend a live fire practise at Pirbright ranges to put their training into practise, albeit in a rather less comfortable arena in terms of the weather!