Cadets on the go

Over the last two weekends cadets have been busy at the Sqn on a variety of activities; on Friday 27 Jan 10 cadets experienced the thrill of flying in the RAFs Tutor aerobatic trainer at RAF Benson, whilst on the Sunday 8 senior cadets undertook a Method of Instruction course run by London Wing Staff to equip them to instruct junior cadets on the Sqn, and qualified for the coverted Staff Cadet Lanyard. On the weekend of the snow cadets were back in Epping Forest honeing their basic navigation skills with map and compass, and on the Sunday undertook a “bull” day to give the Sqn a spring clean, inspite of the snowfall the night before, which also involved moving the Sqn radar dish which acts as a “gate guardian”! Also on the Sunday CI Alex Dutch gave the reading at the RAFs Church at St Clement Danes in the centre of London as part of the ATC Sunday cermonies. Alex, the Dacre Broach winner for 2011 as the best female cadet in the ATC, carried out the reading with great flair and poise, inspite of the cold!