Cadets on the Range

On Sunday 11 Jan 09 the Sqn Shooting Team joined forces with cadets from 27F (Chingford) Sqn and 1838 (Elm Park) Sqn to fire the L81 Cadet Target Rifle at Pirbright Ranges. On a bright and sunny day the Cadets carried out initial training for the new personnel and refresher training for the old hands. Unusually the range was 25m long rather than the usual minimum distance of 300m. This was to allow the wpns to be correctly zeroed (so that the bullet goes where the firer aims!) with the use of special targets. This means that when we start on the 300m range in the near future the cadets will be on target with the first shot (well most of them!) and not have to waste time in adjusting the sights to get the round onto the screen. The photo shows an L81 7.62mm rifle.