Cadets training for skills

In January cadets have been gaining skills useful in both cadets and everyday life. On the 05 January cadets where assessed for the Youth Life Saver award, which is the culmination of a first aid training course run by qualified Sqn staff. The assessment sees cadets dealing with simulated conscious caulaties with multiple injuries (left photo) and also dealing with casualties who are unconscious and have stopped breathing. The cadets demonstrated their skills in dealing with these scenarios and have now qualified for the award which is valid for 3 years, and will enable then to deal with first emergencies at school, home and out socially! On Saturday 19 January cadets started the first of three practical navigation sessions in the wilds of Epping Forest, with fresh fall of snow making the training more challenging! This will equip the cadets for both their forthcomming Leadig Cadet exam and the challenges of the Duke of Edinburghs expeditions over the summer.