Cadre Course succesfully gains BTEC approval, posted

On the weekend of 20 – 22 Jan 06 NCOs and NCO candidates attended a Cadre Course at Crowborough in East Sussex. This is a course designed to test the leadership skills of Corporals and potential Cpls.

The Cadets took part in drill, fitness and practical leadership tasks on the training area, including an overnight camp with a very early start!

The Cadet Vocational Qualification Office (CVQO), who administer the BTEC 1st Diploma in Public Service (a vocational award worth 4 GCSEs) for all 3 cadet services sent an assesor along to see if the course could gain accreditation as a officially recognised Leadership Course.

He was impressed by what he saw and will be recommending that the course is accredited. If successful this will be the first Sqn , as opposed to a Wing, that has gained this prestigious accolade.

Well done to the cadets that passed the course.

Cadre is a word derived from a French word, and is used in the Military to denote a small scale training course.