Change at the Top!

Cadet Warrant Officer Paul Fothergill has handed over the position of Senior Cadet NCO on 241 Sqn to FS Laura Molen who has been promoted to Cadet Warrant Officer. Paul has been the Sqns Cadet SNCO for the last 18 months and has had responsibilty for HQ Flight, which amongst other tasks organises selections for promotion to Cadet NCO Rank and Logisitics for exercises, as well as being in over all charge of around 150 cadets on the Sqn.

He has a long history of success behind him, including a Flying Scholarship, Gold Duke of Edinburghs Award, and first Air cadet recipient of the Duke of Westminsters Award.

In the near future he will be living in Australia for 6 months before going to University. However until he goes he will be kept busy at the Sqn on special projects and will be joining the staff team as a Civilian Instructor on his return from Oz!

Laura has been on the sqn since she was 13 and has a familly backgound in the unit, with her father , brother and uncle being former members! She holds a Gold DoE Award and has recently completed the Royal Marine Commando Challenge charity event.

She now takes responsibilty for the smooth running and organisation of the cadets in the 5 Flights on the Sqn in the highest achievable cadet rank.