CISSAM Top Shots

For the first time in nearly a decade Cadets from the Sqn participated in the Cadet Inter Service Skill at Arms Meeting at Pirbirght Ranges on the last weekend in October. Similar to ISRCM at Bisley in July which the Sqn has participated in since 2002, it is however shot on the L98A2 5.56mm rifle rather than the L81 7.62 target Rifle. The team comprised Sgt Raj, Cdt Lungu, Cdt Linstead (who was orginally the butt marker but moved into the team at the last minute due to illness in the third team member and Sgt Morgon from 1838 (Elm Park) Sqn. Coached by WO White the team did well, coming a creditable 16th out of 52 Teams from the Army, Navy and Air Cadets (7th out of 20 ATC Teams), with Sgt Raj and Morgon qualifying for cadet 50 Badges (being in the top 50 at 30th and 40th) and Cdt Lungu just missing out at 52nd, and Sgt Raj winning a Gold medal and Corps Blue for being in the winning ATC Team for the Inter Service Shoot off. The Cadets also had the opportunity to fire shotguns on the clay pidgeon range. Special thanks go to WO White for coaching and Cdt Lisntead for his last minute filling in and creditable scores!