Committee Treasurer recognised

Mrs Ellen Day the Sqns Civilian Committee Treasurer has recently been awarded a Defence Council Letter of Appreciation for her hard work over the years. A DCLA is a State Honour and is not awarded lightly. Her citation reads:

Mrs Ellen DAY has served as the Treasurer to the Committee for 241 Sqn for 20 years. During this time the Sqn has grown from 20 Cadets and Staff to 150 Cadets and 20 Staff. This increase in numbers has resulted in an exponential growth in the work required of her as Treasurer, with the Sqn having an annual turnover of over £50,000 per year for the last few years. This is far beyond the role and workload for the average ATC Sqn treasurer, but one she has unflinchingly embraced without complaint.

She has managed this huge workload professionally and with unerring accuracy, despite the lack of any professional accountancy qualification, in spite of her advancing years, and recent serious bouts of ill health, including failing eyesight and major heart problems. During this time she has, however, maintained her presence as Treasurer, and attended most committee meetings in spite of the personal difficulty this entails her.

Her duties include managing and balancing the Sqn accounts, banking around around £1000 per week in cash and cheques and advising the Committee on funding and spending issues. She has provided unerring support to two Chairmen and two Squadron Commanders, and has played a major, if unsung, role in the ongoing success of 241 Sqn. She is totally committed to the aims and ideals of the Corps.

The photo shows her recieving the award from the Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore Stewart at the Sqn Lees Trophy Inspection Parade.