Crowborough exercise

Over the weekend of 23 – 25 March the Squadron deployed over 80 personel to Crowborough Training Camp in Sussex for Recruit and Field Training. The Field Training Course was run by Flt Lt Rueben and Sgt Chavner with two phases running at the same time with the cadet learning to live under basic shelters (bashas) and carry out patrols and taskings whilst acting tactically. The challenging environment was enlivened by very hot temparatures during the day. The exercise finsihed off with the customary march/run back to the camp over Ashdown Forest (left hand photo).

Meanwhile the cadets who joined the Sqn in October were undergoing recruit training, with Drill, Basic Field Training, a strecher race, completing the camp obstacle course, a night exercise and bridge crossing and steeplechase on the Sunday, as well as two runs starting at 0600 each day, with the cadets earning their coverted Sqn “Black Witch” flash to be worn on their CS95 clothing. The photos show cadets on the obstacle course and completing the strecher run, a challenge as their faces show! The OC, Sqn Ldr Godden said “These exercises are a major highlight of the Sqn year and a major logistical undertaking. It shows the commitment and hard work of the Staff and Cdt NCOs which results in the exerience and achievement for the younger cadets”.