Crowborough – Sep 08

An eventful weekend!

36 Recruits attended Crowborough Training Camp in West Sussex on the Weekend of 12 – 14 Sep to participate in their Recruit Training Weekend. This course, which consisits of Drill, Obstacle Courses, Field Training and cooking, PT, and a Night Navigation Exercise is an intensive and fast moving weekend which challenges the Recruits physically and mentally. The most important aspect is that the Recruits are working towards their coverted "Black Witch" Shoulder Flash, which marks their proper arrival as a full member of the Sqn. and is awarded at the end of the weekend to those who have passed the criteria. To this end the weekend is Pass or Fail, and not an attendance only course!

Another 30 Cadets took part in training for the Innes Sword and Drill Compeitions, which was blessed by excellent weather.

The photo shows recruits being put through their paces on the Stretcher Race.