Cyprus Camp

Cpl Kris Kretovs and Cdt Ben Hartley have returned from a camp at RAF Akrotri in Cyprus, in the Medditeranian sea. Cdt Hartleys reports;

“When first going to Heathrow airport not only was I nervous about meeting  about 56 cadets I have never seen before but at the same time I was very excited for the activities we were going to do and mostly to get away from the miserable  English weather! When getting into Cyprus and getting into our rooms for the week we had an inspection on both uniforms than did an ice breaker exercise where we went to the sports hall where we were learning peoples names and so on. The first activity and possible my most favourite one was where you get on a rubber ring which is attached to the back of a speed boat and go super fast Whilst trying to stay on, unfortunately I fell off at the last minute!
Throughout the week I done and learnt some many things such as doing force building exercises where you had to work as a team doing about 8 different command tasks whilst we all took turns leading them. Doing this defiantly help my confidence in leading a group of about 10 people. As that was the first day and we were already tired we had much more ahead of us. Everyday we woke up at 6am Cyprus time (4am English time) then had our meal in the junior ranks mess which was quite nice as everyday there was something different.

Throughout the 9 days we done swimming, Water Park, visited the Turkish side of the island and visited the United Nations peacekeeping force, bowling, visiting castles on the mountain, go-karting, the beach, drill, and much more. As we were staying on a RAF  base we also visited quite a few different things on there as well including the Royal Logistics Corps which is bomb disposal experts who gave us a few demonstrations on blowing up a few things with different types of bombs! Also on the base we visited the police dog section that gave us a demonstration of dog attacks then visited to RAF fire section who decided it would be fun to spray us all with their hoses! We then visited a boat that the army use where they again got us soaked! After all that getting wet and seeing the demonstrations we had our dinner and got into our blues uniform then went and visited 84 Sqn who fly the Griffin helicopter after we then saw the best part of all which I was mostly looking forward to –  the Red Arrows!!!! After seeing all this, the next morning we saw the Red Arrows do a display just for us!!!
Throughout the whole week as it was a cadet camp we had a competition between each flight to see who was the best, unfortunately my flight (which I still think were the best) didn’t win. After doing all these great activities and making all these great new friends it was soon the last day where we had to pack our bags go to the airport and was time to say our goodbyes. This camp was the best camp I have ever been on and will possible beat every other camp I will ever do! I would strongly recommend going on this camp as you do so much and learn so many different things to which you would not ever be able to do again!”