Danny comes back


Ex Cadet and Sqn Officer Danny Davies visited the Squadron last week. Danny, now a Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery, is stationed in Arbroath, Scotland with 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, and has recently returned from a 6 month tour of Afghanistan. He gave the cadets an illuminating and interesting talk about his experiences in that country and how the Armed Forces are assisting the Afghan National Army to develop to be able to take on the responsibility for the security of the country. He is one of a number of ex cadets who have done tours in Afghanistan with the regular RAF, Army and Royal Marines. OC 241, Sqn Ldr Godden, said “it was good to see Danny again and I would like to thank him giving up some of his leave to talk to the cadets on the Sqn about his experiences, and how his time in the Air Cadets benefitted him in his service career”.

The photos shows Danny during the presentation and with some of the cadets