Danny steps out

Former FgOff RAFVR(T) Danny Davies left 241 Sqn in January 2007. However he wasn’t deserting the cause;he was joining the Army as a commissioned officer!

On the 14 Dec 07, on a freezing cold day, Danny passed out as a 2nd Lt at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst have successfully completed his gruelling Inital Officer Training over the past 12 months.

The former Cadet Warrant Officer has now achieved a life long ambition to join the Armed Forces and moves onto professional training at the School of Artillery at Larkhill, Wiltshire.

However, he has keep his contacts with the Sqn and has become our third official Service Helper, and we hope to see him as a regular feature on the Sqn.

Sqn Ldr Jerry Godden attended his pass out parade and said "This was a proud day for Danny and I was honoured to be invited to see him on parade. This shows what an individual can do if they put their mind to it and rise to the challenge!"

The Sqn also has several other former members undergoing initial training in the Armed Forces and we look forward to them passing out as well.

The Photo show Danny and his girlfriend Kate Channon (who is a CI on 241 Sqn) at the end of the parade.

The family connection doesn’t end there as Danny’s older brother Matt , who is an Officer on the Sqn starts at Sandhurst in January as an Officer Cadet.