Drill Team does the quadruple!

The Sqn provided a Senior Drill Team and a Banner Party for the annual London Wing Drill Competition held at Woolwich Barracks on Saturday Sep 08. The Sqn was defending its position of premier drill Sqn in the Wing having won the competition in 2006, 2007 and 2008. This year the team of 12 had 6 new members (including Cdt Mian who has been on the Sqn for only 6 months)and the SNCO ic, Sgt Domonic Ischt, was also taking his first competition as the leader, so no pressure!

Marked by the Corps Warrant Officer and a Drill Insructor for the elite RAF Regiment, the team came first in spite of fierce competition from otherĀ units. The Team will now represent the Air Cadets at the Annual Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall in November. In addition Cpl Ross Graham his team of 4 Cadets were the winners of the Wing Banner Drill Competition and will now carry the Wing Banner at the Lord Mayors Parade.

However, for the second year running the Aircraft Recognition Team came second to a 6F (Romford) Sqn in spite of a strong performance by Cdt Dimtri Manning-Coe.

In all an excellent day with the Cadets hard work and dedication, and that of their Instructors, WO Wright and Sgt Cheah being rewarded with a quadruple win in the Drill. The Team now goes forward to represent the Wing at the Region Drill Comeption in October. The photos show the Banner Party caseing the Banner under the steely gaze of the judge,WO White, the drill team comming to a halt, with the camera showing the coordination of the team, and the team after the results had been announced