Falling Plate Winners

On Sunday 18 November the Squadron participated in the Wing Annual Falling Plate Shooting Competition at Ash Ranges. Fired on the L98A2 Rifle at a distance of 200 metres after a 100m run down, the targets are 10 12inch square metal plates which fall when hit in the right place! The team of 4 cadets have 1 minute to move from 300 – 200m and fire 10 rounds each with the aim of the team knocking down all ten place in the quickest time with the fewest rounds, whilst two other teams are firing alongside with the same aim. The B Team, which was missing a member made a composite team with a cadet from 27F Sqn, but where knocked out in round 1. The A Team however won each of their heats and beat 12(DF)F Sqn in the final, for a much better result than last years fourth place.