Field Exercise, a First for the Wing

In what is believed to be London Wings first Fieldcraft Exercise under the new ACP16 Manual the Sqn deployed 80 Cadet and Staff to Crowborough in West Sussex for a weekend of intense training in the art of Fieldcraft, encompassing Leadership Training, Personal Administration and survival skills, Navigation and minor unit military tactics, such as the duties of a Sentry and Camouflage and Concealment.

This was a whole different side to the Sqn as opposed to last weekend where in several parades the Staff and Cadets where in their best blue uniforms on show for the public; this weekend was into Green Kit with the aim of not being seen and carrying out various scenario based task whilst coping with cold and wet weather in a challenging and occasionally hostile environment.

All cadets and most of the staff "bashered" out, sleeping under small 2 man shelters with no amenities save what was carried on their backs, eating the latest in military rations, which are suprisingly tasty!

The Sqn breaks the cadets down into ability and experience groups to ensure each cadet receives the right level of training and instruction and is challenged by the scenarios at the appropriate level.

The Photograph shows shows Cdts Sinclair and Goldman, on the Phase II Exercise, deciding the next course of action to successfully complete the scenario.