Final Forest Foray

The Leading Class made their third foray into the wilds of Epping Forest  on Saturday 28 Feb 09 for practical navigation and map reading ahead of the Corps exams next month. By now familiar with the concept of setting a map, using a compass to work out a bearing, being able to work out distance, speed, time calculations, and used to the concepts of hand railing and contouring, the cadets added pacing to their skill base. In addition the OC, Sqn Ldr Godden, gave Sgt Beveridge and Cpl McCormack a challenge in micro navigation around the forest, finding their position to within 10 metres, which isn’t as easy with a map and compass as opposed to using a GPS! The photos show the cadets working out their average paceings over 100m, and Sgt Beveridge working through a tricky navigation problem.